Posted by: Lisa Hill | May 4, 2017

Williamstown Literary Festival 17-18 June ticket sales now open

I haven’t been able to get to the Williamstown Literary Festival for the last little while, but I’ve just bought my tickets for the 2017 festival (June 17-18) … and you can get yours too at the festival website.

There’s a wide variety of sessions to suit all tastes, but you can probably guess the sessions I’m going to.  Authors with links have been reviewed on this blog.

The cost (earlybird rates) for this great weekend is a mere $62, postage of the tickets included!


  1. One to pop in my diary

  2. Leah Kaminsky is lovely! I chaired her for the Bellingen Readers and Writers Festival last year to discuss her wonderful novel ‘The Waiting Room’ – ‘We’re All Going to Die’ had just been published a few days before.

    • Yes, I heard her talk about The Waiting Room and I was very impressed. Impressed enough to want to go to this even though the timing of this topic is a bit raw for me right now.

  3. Thanks so much for your generous shout out to the festival. We rely very much on word of mouth so we’re appreciative! You picked a gorgeous program for yourself! Happy Festival! Loraine

    • Hello Loraine, I’m delighted to publicise this great festival, and a bit shout out too to all the volunteers who make it happen!

  4. […] that we take for granted in Australian cities. I’ll be going to hear Leah Kaminsky speak at the 2017 Williamstown Festival very […]

  5. Now I’m REALLY sorry my daughter moved her 40th from Melb to Perth.

    • I know… I thought of you and how you could have come to this if the venue hadn’t changed…

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