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Reviews from Indigenous Literature Week at ANZ Litlovers 2017

 Indigenous Literature Week 2017 at ANZ Litlovers


Cultural warning: Indigenous Australians are advised that some of the links from this blog include images or names of people now deceased.

For information about ILW 2017, click here.


Thanks to everyone who is participating in 2017 Indigenous Literature Week – I hope that hosting this celebration helps to make more people aware of indigenous writing!

You are welcome to add your review/s early (or late). I will be monitoring this page until the end of July.

When you are ready to share your reviews, please use comments below:


  • your name & the name of your blog (if you have one) and the URL where your review is posted (your blog, or your GoodReads or Library Thing account).

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  • If you don’t have a blog or a GoodReads/Library Thing account, then please share what you thought about the book you read in the comments section at the bottom of this post.
  • Or, if you’d like to write a review of greater length, contact me at anzlitloversATbigpondDOTcom about writing a guest review to be hosted on the ANZ LitLovers blog.

I will gather these links to generate a list which will be added under the headings below on this page. I will also add any new titles that crop up to the permanent Indigenous Reading List.

PS If you haven’t signed up to participate yet, or want to know more about ILW, click on the link at the top of this page.

2017 Reviews (in alphabetical order by author)

Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander authors

Larissa Behrendt, of the Eualeyai/Kamilaroi people

Tony Birch, born in Melbourne and an urban Koorie of Aboriginal, Irish and West Indian descent

Burnum Burnum, a Woiworrung and Yorta Yorta man at Wallaga Lake in southern New South Wales.

Jack Davis, a Noongar man from the Southwest of Western Australia

Ali Cobby Eckermann, who identifies with the Yankunytjatjara / Kokatha people from the north west desert country of South Australia

Ruby Langford Ginibi, A Bundjalung woman from New South Wales

Liz Hayden, an indigenous woman from Western Australia

Jeanine Leane,  a Wiradjuri woman who grew up in southwest New South Wales near Gundagai

Philip McLaren, of the Kamileroi People

NT Writers Centre

  • This Country Anytime Anywhere, IADPress,  featuring works by emerging writers as well as many winners of Northern Territory literary awards, including Marie Munkara, winner of the 2008 David Unaipon Award for Every Secret Thing (also judged the 2010 Northern Territory Book of the Year Award).

Aunty Joy Murphy Wandin, a Senior Wurundjeri elder of the Kulin alliance in Victoria, and Lisa Kennedy, a Trawlwoolway story teller and artist and a descendant of Woretemoeteyenner from North East Tasmania

Boori (Monty) Pryor, descended from the Birri-gubba nation of the Bowen region and the Kunggandji people from Yarrabah, near Cairns

Kim Scott, a Noongar man from southwest Western Australia

‘Departure’ in Review of Australian Fiction Vol 15 Issue 4

Us Women, Our Ways, Our World an anthology of essays edited by Pat Dudgeon, Jeannie Herbert and Darlene Oxenham

Ellen Van Neerven, a Mununjali woman from South East Queensland

Tara June Winch of the Wiradjuri people

Alexis Wright, a Waanyi woman from the Gulf of Carpentaria

Maori Authors

Witi Ihimaera, of Ngati Tuwharetoa and Te Arawa descent.

And from elsewhere…


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  3. I am looking at the life and work of Perth poet/playwright Jack Davis over 2 posts. Herewith Part I


    • Well done, Bill, first cab off the rank and what an excellent choice too. Thank you!


  4. […] 2017 Indigenous Literature Week at ANZ LitLovers […]


  5. Part II of my look at WA poet and playwright Jack Davis


  6. […] Ali Cobby Eckermann has featured a few times on this blog, including in my review of her verse novel, Ruby Moonlight, and my Monday Musings post on her winning the valuable Windham-Campbell Prize this year. She is now appearing again as I review her poetry collection, Inside my mother, for Lisa’s ANZlitLovers Indigenous Literature Week, 2017. […]

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  7. Thank s for seeing my post and adding it here Lisa while I was in the skies or some airport somewhere!


    • It’s good to know you landed safely. Have a good time:)


      • Thanks Lisa … check out my last photo on Facebook. That might give you an idea!


  8. I’m not sure that I’ll be able to contribute anything more than a picture book review this week (I’m running out of time all round), but I’m glad to be able to participate.


    • But what a perfect contribution! I would have loved to have this book in my library when I was still teaching… like you I’ve seen many Welcomes to Country but would have loved to have had an Indigenous explanation of why it matters, and partly bilingual too. I’m going to check to see if my local library has this and request it if they haven’t. (From a conversation I had at the Parkdale branch, I know they are keen to increase their holdings, which is great). I’ll add this to the reviews page and to the master list. (Children’s books are in a separate section at the bottom of the page.)


  9. I just posted a review of a collection of Indigenous writing from NT. The link is:

    I should have a Canadian Indigenous review by week’s end (on my side of the planet)


    • Wonderful! Thanks Joe, I really appreciate this. The collection is a title I hadn’t heard of… *chuckle* there’s a delightful irony in having it brought to my attention by a Canadian visitor who’s seen more of the Red Centre than I have!
      I’ll add the review link to this page and to the master list.
      Thanks again:)

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  10. […] 2017 Indigenous Literature Week at ANZ LitLovers […]


  11. I have read and reviewed the wonderful The Swan Book by Alexis Wright.


    • Thanks, Bill, a terrific review, (much better than mine!)


      • Happy to pitch in, and what a joy to discover such a great book.


  12. Hi there. I’m loving watching the list of linked titles grow here. I’ve just reviewed Us Women, Our Ways, Our World here:

    And here is something I prepared earlier, on Heat and Light:


  13. Hi Lisa, It’s still July 9 here and I posted my Canadian contribution here:


    • Thanks Joe, and I am so pleased to see that reading it was an inspiring experience for you:)
      I’ve added it to the 2017 Reviews page and to the Master List, you’ll find it near the end of the page under the heading From Elsewhere Around the World.

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  14. […] are eighteen new reviews of books by Indigenous authors on the 2017 Reviews page  and they have all been added to the ANZ LitLovers Indigenous Reading List which is a permanent […]


  15. Thank you for posting notice of my review of Burnum Burnum’s Aboriginal Australia – A Traveller’s Guide which can be read here:
    it was great to revisit this book again. You do an amazing job inspiring people to take part in this important week and encouraging people to move from our comfort zones of reading.


    • Hi Mairi, and welcome back after your travels, you are amazing to be contributing this excellent review, I’d still be lurching around with jet lag if it were me!
      I can’t see myself ever joining the Grey Nomads on their caravan trips round Australia, but I’ve found a copy at Abe Books and (when they wake up over there) it will soon be on its way to me from – would you believe! – the UK:)

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  16. […] was prompted to read this book as part of Lisa’s Indigenous Literature Week at ANZLitLovers.  I’ve read several books by Tony Birch previously, one a novel Blood and the other, […]


  17. Late as ever! I reviewed Tony Birch’s collection of short stories in ‘The Promise’


    • Not to worry, Janine, there’s no real deadline: I’ll add reviews to this page up to the end of July and to the master list any time at all. I’m delighted to have this review because no one else has reviewed this collection so far, and yay! I can add it to the Time Poor/Short Fictions post ( which is an ongoing resource for next year and beyond.


  18. i think Lisa has already found and added my review, but just to be sure I will add it here. I read “Departure”, by Kim Scott; “Our Hero, Our Brother”, by Liz Hayden in Review of Australian Fiction 15: 4. They have a wonderful program of publishing two reviews together, one by an established author and one who is lesser known. Check it out.


    • Thanks, Marilyn, yes, I’ve added your review, and thanks again for participating:)


  19. […] Ali Cobby Eckermann’s poetry collection, Inside my mother (my review) for Lisa’s ANZlitLovers Indigenous Literature Week, 2017, I decided to also read her 2012 memoir, Too afraid to cry. It filled in a lot of gaps, which is […]


  20. […] other participants, making eighteen new reviews altogether of books by Indigenous authors on the 2017 Reviews page  and they were all added to the ANZ LitLovers Indigenous Reading List which is a permanent resource […]


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