Posted by: Lisa Hill | October 22, 2019

2019 Readings Prize Winner

The winner of the Readings prize was announced today, and I’m very pleased to share the news that Alice Robinson has won the prize with her second novel, The Glad Shout. It such a topical book, I am not surprised it won.

Read my review here and a profile of Alice here.

There were other very fine books on the shortlist as well.  Links go to Readings Bookstore.

A Constant Hum by Alice Bishop, see Kim’s review at Reading Matters

Inappropriation by Lexi Freiman, see Theresa’s review at Theresa Smith Writes

The Flight of Birds by Joshua Lobb, (update 18/9/19) see my review

A Superior Spectre by Angela Meyer, see my review

This Taste for Silence by Amanda O’Callaghan


  1. Congrats to Alice. I really must try to find time to read this, clearly.

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  2. I wish I’d had the chance to read more of this list – no doubt some will appear on next year’s Stella list.


    • *sigh* I think the days when we could keep up pretty much are long over…

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      • Agree. Too much ‘list reading’ drains my reading energy.


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