Posted by: Lisa Hill | October 30, 2019

Brona’s AusReading Month Bingo

I’m following Bill’s lead here, in undertaking Brona’s AusReading Month, that is waiting till the end of the month and then having a go at filling in the square with books I’ve read over the last year. I surprised myself, if I hadn’t been in the habit of categorising my books by the author’s state and the book’s setting, I wouldn’t have remembered any of this!

But I’m going to tackle both author and setting, starting with Fiction:

BTW I have substituted Brona’s ‘free’ Bingo square with Torres Straits Islands because for the first time ever, this year, I read a play written by an author from there (and I went to see it in performance too).

State/Territory Author Setting
NSW Blood Kin, by Ceridwen Dovey The Flight of Birds, by Joshua Lobb
QLD Paris Savages, by Katherine Johnson The War Artist, by Simon Cleary
SA Minotaur, by Peter Goldsworthy This Excellent Machine, by Stephen Orr
TAS Field of Poppies, by Carmel Bird Daughter of Bad Times, by Rohan Wilson
VIC Maybe the Horse Will Talk, by Elliot Perlman Stone Girl, by Eleni Hale
WA The Valley, by Steve Hawke Driving into the Sun, by Marcella Polain
ACT Bodies of Men, by Nigel Featherstone Dinner with the Dissidents, by John Tesarsch
NT Coach Fitz, by Tom Lee Isinglass, by Martin Edmond
Torres Straits Islands! Black is the New White, by Nakkiah Lui  —

Moving on to NF:

State/Territory Author Area of Interest
NSW The Dismissal Dossier, by Jenny Hocking Australian politics
QLD Hearing Maud, by Jessica White Living with a hearing disability
SA Heysen to Heysen: selected letters of Hans Heysen and Nora Heysen, edited by Catherine Speck Artists Hans Heysen and Nora Heysen
TAS  —
VIC The Unknown Judith Wright, by Georgina Arnott bio of Judith Wright
WA Perth (New South City Series #8), by David Whish-Wilson Travel
ACT Our Mob Served, Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander histories of war and defending Australia, edited by Allison Cadzow and Mary Anne Jebb Indigenous war service
NT Living in Hope, by Frank Byrne Memoir

Where did the borders go, from my tables?  I am not very good at HTML!


  1. This is a nice bingo challenge!


  2. Echoing Theresa here … what a great bingo challenge!


  3. If you do it too, (and you’ve both read heaps of OzLit) we could form a club: The Ladies (and One Honorary Gentleman) who are Late for Brona’s AusReading Month!


  4. You and Bill should be declared national treasures!

    I included a bingo card in my AusReadingMonth thanks to a suggestion from Nancy. But I’ve never used one before, so had no expectations for how it might work. And as I’ve just written to Bill, I didn’t even think of applying it retrospectively! But it’s brilliant!

    And you’re not late, but early! AusReadingMonth is November. I posted the bingo card early to give people time to think about what they might read in Nov – but as it is – you and Bill can now be the inspiration for others :-)

    I will add your link to my welcome post so that others can be duly prompted.
    Thank you!


    • Hi Brona, I’m so pleased not to be late… no wonder I got it wrong, there are so many book events this month, I can’t keep track of them at all.
      But yours is very dear to my heart of course xo


  5. Thanks Lisa for the mention and Brona for getting us started. I wasn’t clear in my post but I am actually going to try and fill a few squares during Nov – I have WA and Vic under control if only I can get the reviews written – yes I know that it’s still Oct (for another few hours) but it’s the date of the reviews that counts, that’s my rule anyway.


    • I don’t know how you manage to get so many done when you’re on the road all the time…


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  7. Wonderful bingo cards, Lisa…! (…very intrested in your ‘end-of-year’ long- and short lists of Australain fiction and non-fiction. I save the lists every year for reference!)
    It will take me some time to figure out where
    all ‘my authors’ come from but I’m sure
    Wikipedia will help me!


    • Working out where they come from is indeed quite difficult, even if they stay put in one state and don’t move around. It’s not always public knowledge, and even if you do find it and it’s correct today or was five years ago, it may not be correct next year. And some authors identify themselves by the state they were born or educated in, never mind if they haven’t lived there since childhood.
      But if it’s any help, check the authors in my Category list and if you find one that you’ve read, click on it. Chances are that at the bottom of the review where WordPress lists the tags and categories I’ve used, it will tell you which state the author comes from, if I know it.

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