Posted by: Lisa Hill | December 29, 2020

The Last 10 Books Tag, 2020

Yes, it’s that time of the year when we all do memes!

I did this one a couple of years ago via Rick’s latest video at Another Book Vlog via Stuck in a Book  and it goes like this (links are mostly to my reviews):

The last book I gave up on

The Last Wilderness by Diana Cook.  Yes, the one that was shortlisted for the Booker.  I thought it was lame.  Fortunately I had only borrowed it from the library so it was no hardship to eject it from the premises.

The last book I re-read

That was Peony, by Pearl S Buck, winner of the Nobel Prize in 1938. I was resurrecting old reviews for my Reviews from the Archive series, and I couldn’t make sense of something I’d written, and I couldn’t remember why and how the characters came to be in Peking. I found a copy online, and ended up re-reading the whole thing.  Which was a pleasure!

The last book I bought

That was Sheer Water by Leah Swann.  An author whose opinion I respect recommended it to me. Jennifer and Theresa have both read and liked it too, so it should be good reading.

The last book I said I read but actually didn’t

As I said when I last did this meme, I don’t do this.  People in my real life are more likely to look askance at me if I am silly enough to talk about what I have read, rather than what I haven’t read. If you don’t believe me, try it yourself: tell someone you’ve read Finnegans Wake and see what kind of response you get.  (Plus, then if you do this meme yourself, *chuckle* you’ll have an answer to this question!)

1960The last book I wrote in the margins of

I don’t do this to my books.  But somebody called Emma in 10NR has underlined chunks of my copy of A Descant for Gossips. Interestingly, the underlining fizzles out about one-third of the way through, so I suspect she ended up watching the movie instead.

The last book I had signed

That’s still Shell by Kristina Olssen.  (And *pout* I still haven’t got over my disappointment that it didn’t win the Miles Franklin that year.)

The last book I lost

Book Four of A Dance to the Movement of Time.  I lent it, and now I can’t find it anywhere. C’est la vie. 

The last book I had to replace

….will be A Dance to the Movement of Time. I can’t stand the three of them being together on the shelf without the fourth to make up the set.

The last book I argued over

Hmm, I think that would be The Coal Curse by Judith Brett,  Yes, I do actually know someone who thinks that climate change is a hoax.  (Which is why How to Talk about Climate Change, in a way that makes a difference by Rebecca Huntley was full of good advice for me

The last book you couldn’t find

Kalimantan by C.S. Godshalk.  One of my Lockdown tasks was a stocktake of the books in my library, as part of reconstructing my Excel books file that is floating around in Cyberspace somewhere.  I matched up what’s on my shelves with what’s entered at Goodreads, with an old version of the file that stops at 2012, so that’s how I know it’s missing. The blurb at GR sounds interesting so I might see if I can dig up another copy:

One hundred and sixty years ago a young Englishman founded a private raj on the coast of Borneo. The world he created eventually took in a territory the size of England, its expansion campaigns paid for in human heads. Here, polite Victorian conventions coexisted tenuously with one of the most violent cultures on earth, often with startling results: pockets of tenderness and extreme brutality appearing where least expected.

Into this world flowed a small tribe of adventurers, fugitives, criminals, and saints– the madly talented and simply mad.


  1. This was a fun meme to read. I couldn’t answer at least half of these questions though.


  2. Fun to read, but like Theresa I’d struggle to answer some (like last book I said I’d read and haven’t – do I do that?) and would too easily answer others (like last book I wrote marginalia in.) Enjoyed your answers though!


    • Just a bit of fun while I try and finish off three books before the end of the year…


  3. A fun meme! I don’t think I’ve ever pretended to have read a book, but I may well have have *forgotten* whether I’ve read something or not….


    • And then we see it on a bargain table, and swoop on it because the name is familiar and we’ve been hoping to find a copy of it, and then….

      Liked by 1 person

  4. […] @ AnZLitLovers has uncovered another meme that gives me a great excuse for not making any inroads into my backlog […]


  5. A fun read. I am probably the only blogger who doesn’t do end of year memes. I am always jn too big of a hurry to just move forward into the next year and this year even moreso. 🐧❤


    • I hear you.
      But here’s the thing. My stats usually nosedive over the festive season, but this year they have skyrocketed. I think there may be a lot of people here and overseas, who are at home, and perhaps alone, and perhaps desperate for something to make them smile.


      • I agree. I send a lot of emails to friends and family overseas. By the time I am finished with that I am too tired to write memes. I do enjoy some of them though. 🐧🌲


  6. Hi Lisa, I didn’t find this meme easy. I can answer some; Persuasion was my last reread. I used to force myself to read a book I didn’t like, but now I do not and cannot recall the last one. I don’t write in the margins of books. I lost Lanny, but eventually found it in my boot! (I had lent it to one friend who passed it around to other friends!). The last book I had signed was These Things Happen by Greg Fleet (several years ago). The last book I argued over was Truganini by Cassandra Pybus.


    • Ah, that would have been an interesting argument!
      I have that on the TBR, I must read it before ILW next year…


  7. I don’t remember the last book I bought (on Christmas Eve) so I’ll probably end up buying it again. But re-rereading – I re-read all the time. I read Normal People twice in a couple of weeks.


    • The only books I re-read are the classics, just because, and contemporary ones that I don’t understand.


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