Posted by: Lisa Hill | September 17, 2021

Book Giveaway winner: Imaginative Possession by Belinda Probert

So, it’s time to draw the giveaway offer from new publishing venture Upswell Press.

This is the blurb:

Wondering how migrants can fully settle on this ancient continent, Belinda Probert bought a property in the “country” to observe things more closely and learn to garden differently.

At a time when many easy assumptions about how we live and how our society functions are being questioned there is room for contemplation of a country that is ancient, occupied for at least sixty thousand years, and young, a national federation for only twelve decades.

Belinda Probert, a migrant from England, sets out to question in words and action how well she understands the landscapes she has seen and the people that have shaped them. She takes with her a set of writers who have asked the same questions, or provided interpretations of our sense of belonging, to test their words against her own emerging views. Wondering how a nation of immigrants can fully settle here she decided she needed to buy a property in the ‘country’ so she could observe it more closely, and learn to garden differently.

Trees fell on her, ants bit her, bowerbirds stole her crops, but from the exercise she discovers much more about soil, trees, water, animals and protecting herself from fire emergencies. Driving back and forth she learns to see the ancient heritage all around us, and rural industries that have destroyed and created so much.

About the author:

Belinda Probert grew up in the Weald of Kent, wanting to be a sheep farmer. After a PhD on the Troubles in Northern Ireland she accepted a job at the newly opened Murdoch University in Western Australia to teach peace and conflict studies / social and political theory and explore her Australian family connections.

She is the author of books about Northern Ireland, gender equity, and Working Life: Arguments about Work in Australian Society.

There were six entries so the odds were good:

  1. Sarah Ross
  2. Jennifer from Tasmanian Bibliophile at Large
  3. Gay Lynch (her entry is on the post for September’s #6Degrees)
  4. Fay Kennedy
  5. Michelle Scott Tucker
  6. Per Henningsgaard 

The numbers went into the random number generator at and up came No 5. Congratulations to Michelle, you need to contact me at anzlitloversATbigpondDOTcom before next Friday so that I can pass your postal address on to the publishers.

If you missed out this time, there’s still a current giveaway for John Hughes new novel The Dogs, and #StayTuned I have another one from Upswell Publishing coming up after that! 




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