Posted by: Lisa Hill | November 7, 2022

2022 Prime Minister’s Literary Awards shortlists

The Prime Minister’s Literary Awards shortlist was announced last night.


Of these, I have only reviewed Night Blue, but I have Dark as Last Night on the TBR.


Of these I have only reviewed Homecoming.


I haven’t read any of these.

Australian History

Of these, I’ve reviewed Harlem Nights and Farmers or Hunter-Gatherers?

Click here to see the YA and Children’s Literature shortlists, and the judges comments.

Congratulations to all the authors, editors and publishers!


  1. I have my fingers crossed for Night Blue, one of my favourite novels in years!


  2. Yes me too, though I’m going to investigate The Hands of Pianists…
    I’ve tried Rothwell before and we didn’t get on.


  3. Another interesting list there. I’ve heard of Hannah Kent but none of the other authors are familiar to me. Thanks for this.


    • It tends to bring up some titles that haven’t had much publicity. Steven Conte won it in its first year (2009?), and none of us had heard of The Zookeeper’s War. It turned out to be an excellent book!

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      • Those are the best lists. That’s why I like the Nobel Prize list so well. And some German lists that always come up with something interesting though they are often not translated, so I don’t share them much. But I love how you share yours because there are some excellent authors in other countries that we rarely hear about. Thanks.


        • Yes, I agree about the Nobels, sometimes you discover writers you’d never find otherwise. I would never have read (or heard of) Elias Canetti, for example, and I thought Auto-da-fe was wonderful.


  4. This crept up on me this year. I have reviewed Mark McKenna’s book, which is a good read, and I do have Another day in the colony. Oh, and I am interested in most of the fiction but somehow they’ve not made it to my piles.


  5. Read Devotion at the beginning of the year. Really enjoyed it. But still haven’t written a review!


    • Sometimes, there are books that defeat us!


  6. What a great, and tantalising list! I’ve read about three titles, and am glad they’re there


    • I’ve been able to reserve Hands of a Piano at the library, aiming to collect it tomorrow.


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