Posted by: Lisa Hill | May 15, 2023

2023 WA Premier’s Book Awards shortlists

The shortlist for the 2023 Western Australian Premier’s Book Awards has been announced, and I am thrilled to see that the book I launched online is shortlisted for the Book of the Year!

The Premier’s Prize for Book of the Year Shortlist – sponsored by Writing WA:
Clean by Scott-Patrick Mitchell (Upswell Publishing)
Nimblefoot by Robert Drewe (Penguin Random House), see my review
The Red Witch: A Biography of Katharine Susannah Prichard by Nathan Hobby (Melbourne University Publishing), see my review
The Shield and the Spear: The Kimberley Land Council – by Joe Fox (Magabala Books)
Thistledown Seed: A Memoir by Louise Helfgott (Brandl & Schlesinger)

The Premier’s Prize for an Emerging Writer Shortlist:
Acacia House by Vivien Stuart (self-published)
Banjawarn by Josh Kemp (UWA Publishing)
Bone Picker by Thomas Simpson (Ginninderra Press)
T by Alan Fyfe (Transit Lounge)
The Assassin Thief by Madeline Te Whiu (New Dawn Publishing)

The Premier’s Prize for Children’s Book of the Year Shortlist:
Lion is that You by Moira Court (Fremantle Press)
Nenek Tata and the Mangrove Menace by Judith Vun Price and Jacqui Vun (Crotchet Quaver)
Owl and Star by Helen Milroy (Fremantle Press)
The Raven’s Song by Zana Fraillon and Bren MacDibble (Allen & Unwin)
Wild Australian Life written by Leonard Cronin and illustrated by Chris Nixon (Allen & Unwin)

The Western Australian Writer’s Fellowship Shortlist:
Carolyn Wadley Dowley
Madison Godfrey
Michael Trant
Norman Jorgensen
Tracy Ryan

The Daisy Utemorrah Award for Unpublished Indigenous Junior and YA Fiction Shortlist:
Getting Dusty by Jared Thomas
The Ultimate AGD by Kim Morrison
A Queen’s Glory by Kristie Harris

Congratulations to all the authors, editors and publishers!
All categories are worth $15,000 to the winners, except for the fellowships which are worth $60,000.
The brand-new category Premier’s Prize for Book of the Year, sponsored by Writing WA , was open to any style or genre of book.

Read the full report on the State Library of Western Australia website here.  The winners will be announced in June.

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