Posted by: Lisa Hill | April 6, 2011

Sensational Snippets: Night Street (2010), by Kristel Thornell

Princes Bridge today (Source: Wikipedia Commons)

Clarice loved her city well, comprehensively; all its plain, enticing fragments…

On that Tuesday of imminent rain, she saw Princes Bridge.  A slice of it; the solidity of cast iron resting on bluestone bulwarks, and the steady current of traffic this carried.  The palm trees in the foreground, in some way endearing, self-consciously adolescent.  The little boats on the mirroring water beneath, and above, a maternal, impersonal sky.   

From Night Street, by Kristel Thornall, shortlisted for the 2011 NSW Premier’s Literary Award.  Allen & Unwin 2010 (p 52)

Click here to see Clarice Beckett’s painting, so beautifully evoked by this snippet that I stopped reading to search for the painting online.


  1. Its lovely to be able to click through to see the painting. A fascinating snippet indeed


    • *chuckle* This is when I wish I didn’t have to resepct copyright here on this blog – I’d love to be able to do a slideshow of Beckett’s art!


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