Posted by: Lisa Hill | July 11, 2016

NT Chief Minister’s Book of the Year (Territory Read Awards)

The Northern Territory Writers’ Centre has announced the shortlist for the Chief Minister’s Book of the Year, presented biennially.

The awards are part of the search for the Territory Read NT Book of the Year, and are funded partly by the NT Chief Minister and partly by the Copyright Agency’s Cultural Fund.  The total prize money in 2016 is $9000.

There are three categories

  • Chief Minister’s Book of the Year Award, for a published book across all genres by an NT resident.
  • Best Non-Fiction, for a prose work other than fiction. Includes biography, auto-biography, creative non-fiction, history, philosophy and literary criticism by an NT resident.
  • Best Young Adult or Children’s Fiction, for a published book in either genre by an NT resident. In the case of picture books, prize money will be split between the author and the illustrator.

For some reason, they don’t publish a shortlist for Non-fiction or Children’s fiction…

The shortlisted titles for Book of the Year are:

The winners of the Territory Read Awards will be announced on 27 July at the State Library of Darwin.


  1. Good news about Tambora – we will put on our various sites
    Thank you
    Dennis Jones

    Dennis Jones
    Dennis Jones & Associates Pty Ltd
    The Australian Distributor for Independent Publishers

    Gardners Sales Agent Australia & New Zealand

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  2. You’re welcome:)


  3. Thank you, Lisa. Your website and your generosity in reviewing and sharing literary news is remarkable. You truly are one in a million. 😇


    • Thanks, Robyn, that’s very kind of you.
      I have to admit, though, It tends to be a bit hit-and-miss… if the news comes in when I’m not too busy, I pass it on, but sometimes during the “Awards Season” I just throw my hands up in dismay because I can’t cope with the flood of news!


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